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President Tara Jones
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Executive Director Teearra Jones

The House of Nehemiah International Inc. was founded because someone had to build back confidence, repair the community by taking the necessary steps, and restoring the lives that matter.

In 2018 one Virginia woman believed that she could help the community by putting together an organization to educate, support, and help people in need. Since then, the organization still is devoted to serving our most underserved population.

2021 we introduced a program for cancer survivors that is easy and free. We had our first fundraiser and received more wig donations than expected. Our organization became whole that day because now we are able to sow a seed to someone in need. 

Today the House of Nehemiah small business is based out of Hampton VA, and Richmond VA with the help of local volunteers and local organizations we are able to continue our works in the community.

We work close with other non-profit organization to provide helpful link  for newly diagnosis women support groups, virtual resources and cancer walks and events 

Our Event Gallery

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